About The Grzybowski Foundation

The micropalaeontological foundation based in, and serving the needs of Central Europe.

What the Foundation is all about:

The Foundation maintains a library with books and journals on the subject of Micropaleontology. We organize the "MIKRO-meetings", and the "International Workshops on Agglutinated Foraminifera". We give stipends to students, and assist with the organization of the International School on Foraminifera. We promote our field through our special publications. We have published 20 books over the last 20 years...


The aim of this programme is to provide some support, especially for deserving young post-graduate micropalaeontologists from Central Europe who have limited access to other means of support..


Membership in the Grzybowski Foundation is open to all micropalaeontologists, stratigraphers, or geologists who wish to join, regardless of their professional affiliation or employment status.


We aim to promote and support the education and scientific activites in the field of Mircropalaeontology. Our impact is through organising conferences, publishing studies and maintaining collections.

The Grzybowski Award:

We celebrate sustained and significant contributions to the field of Micropalaeontology, especially with regard to research on the Agglutinated Foraminifera.

The Grzybowski Library

One of the fundamental activities organised by the Grzybowski Foundation is the establishment and upkeep of the Grzybowski Library. This library was founded to build upon the collection of J. Grzybowski's microfossils and original publications, and owes its existence to major donations from both private individuals and institutions. See our collection

Grzybowski Foundation Publications can be found around the world

The Grzybowski Legacy

Grzybowski is remembered throughout Poland as the "Father of Polish Micropaleontology". As far as we can determine, He is in fact the first University Lecturer to teach a formal full semester course entitled "Micropaleontology" (beginning in 1905 at the Jagiellonian University). His monographs and his extensive collection of microfossils remain to this day the single most important contribution to the taxonomy of cosmopolitan deep-water agglutinated foraminifera.
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A Special Thank You

The Foundation has been financed entirely through the generosity of private individuals and institutions.
We would like to give credit to:

  • The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Micropaleontology Press (New York)
  • The Palaeontographical Society (London)
  • The Micropalaeontological Society (TMS)
  • and Donors who wish to remain anonymous