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The Grzybowski Foundation is only the second foundation of its kind in the world. As such, the Foundation sees its role in assuming a more international profile, establishing and furthering links with other international foundations and societies. This will also require expanding the current Board of Trustees. It is hoped that the foundation will in the near future expand its activities to assume a leading role in co-ordinating, promoting, and supporting micropalaeontological activities- not only in Poland, but also in other countries of the former eastern European block. In particular, the immediate goals of the Foundation include the following:

  • Organizer of the International Working Group on Foraminiferal Classification.
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We have had the occasional shutterbug immortalising our events and catching people offuard from time to time if you want to see their exploits check out our Photo gallery.

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Become a part of the International Working Group on Foraminiferal Classification, the main goal is to revise the suprageneric classification of the Foraminifera and to compile a complete catalogue of the foraminiferal genera, learn more...