The Grzybowski Library

We've built upon the collection of J. Grzybowski's microfossils and original publications

One of the fundamental activities organised by the Grzybowski Foundation is the establishment and upkeep of the Grzybowski Library. This library was founded to build upon the collection of J. Grzybowski's microfossils and original publications, and owes its existence to major donations from both private individuals and institutions.


The Grzybowski Foundation journal collection is housed in the library of the Geological Society of Poland, at the Institute of Geological Sciences on the new science campus of the Jagiellonian University (ul. Gronostajowa 3A). The library is open Monday Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 to 13:30 and can be visited by appointment (tel: 012 644-4410)


The Library now holds several hundred books and journals on the subject of micropalaeontology and Carpathian stratigraphy, as well as the Stanislaw Geroch Reprint Library, which contains several thousand reprints on the subject of Foraminifera. The Grzybowski Library co-operates with the libraries of the Jagiellonian University and the Geological Society of Poland, but is independent.
Journals Housed in the Library

Jola Gruza  is a Jagiellonian University graduate and has taken the position of Curator in the Geology Museum of the Jagiellionian University and the newest member of the Grzybowski Library. During her first month Jola discovered a box of micropaleontological resisdues collected by Grzybowski himself.

The library and microfossil collections

The library and microfossil collections, (with microscope and computer facilities), are open from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM to all visitors who wish to undertake research in micropalaeontology.

Special Thanks To:

We recently received some new Micropaleontological Society special publications and a complete set of the “Paleontologicheskiy Sbornik”. We also wish to thank Tom Dignes (and Chevron) for sending us a complete set of the Journal of Paleontology. If you are in Krakow please visit the library.