Foram References

To boldy reference, where no micropaleontologist has referenced before.

The ever-increasing number of publications on the foraminifera makes a review of the literature a nearly impossible task. The mainstream micropaleontological journals such as the Journal of Foraminiferal Research, Micropaleontology, Marine Micropaleontology, the Journal of Micropaleontology, the Journal of Micropaleontology continue to be the main source of citations and references.

About Foram Refs

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Working Group on Foraminiferal Classification

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Plea for Help!

We realise that FORAMREFS is still woefully incomplete, and that it may simply be impossible to compile a complete bibliography of the Foraminiferida. However, this compilation is a reasonable first step, and we are continually adding new entries to it. New versions of the list will be made available at a future date. If one of your papers is missing from the list, don't forget to send us the full citation. If you find this data base useful, there is one thing you can do - send a set of your own reprints to the Grzybowski Library.